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Chapter 28 – Victims of Terrorism and Political Violence

Orla Lynch and Carmel Joyce


Victims of Terrorism is a website within the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime office that highlights a number of projects that are underway relevant to the victims of terrorism. There are also stories and testimonies from victims and survivors that demonstrated the horrific abuses experienced and the efforts that are underway to support individuals in their recovery.


The victims of terrorism support portal was developed by the United Nations as part of its counter terrorism strategy. The portal is based on providing information, encouraging solidarity and contributing to rehabilitation efforts for victims and survivors.


The Radicalisation Awareness Network is part of the Migration and Home Affairs Directorate of the European Commission. The Network aims to connect frontline practitioners from across Europe with one another, and with academics and policymakers, to exchange knowledge, first-hand experiences, and approaches to preventing and countering violent extremism in all its forms.


Within the Radicalisation Awareness Network, there is a victims of terrorism working group that has some useful reports and accounts from practitioners and victims.