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Chapter 27 – Disengagement and De-Radicalization Programmes

Sarah Marsden


Robert Örell was a member of a Swedish white power group. After moving away from the group, Robert went on to help others leave racist movements. In this talk, Robert discusses his work as Director of Exit Sweden, an organization that helps people disengage from far-right groups.


The Radicalisation Awareness Network brings together experts and practitioners on different issues linked to radicalization. This includes a Rehabilitation working group which focuses on efforts to support the rehabilitation and reintegration of those convicted of terrorism offences or who are believed to have been radicalized in prison. This website has a range of resources based on the Rehabilitation working group’s activities.


This radio documentary, “Extreme measures: Can extremists be de-radicalised?”, includes interviews with someone convicted of a terrorism offence and intervention providers who work with people to help move them away from terrorism.