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Chapter 26 – Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism

Daniel Koehler


The Journal for Deradicalization is a fully peer reviewed and open access academic publication focused on processes of radicalization and deradicalization, including P/CVE from a theoretical and practical perspective. The journal publishes quarterly and provides a platform to learn about new P/CVE approaches around the world and cutting edge evidence-based research.


The Polarization and Extremism and Research Innovation Lab (PERIL) of American University in Washington D.C. brings the resources and expertise of the university sector to bear on the pressing problem of growing youth polarization and extremist radicalization. Through partnerships, funded research and evaluations, and out-of-the-box design thinking, PERIL empirically tests scalable research, intervention, and public education ideas to reduce rising polarization and hate.


Can you turn a terrorist back into a citizen? This in-depth story written by Brendan Koerner for Wired magazine explores the background and insights of the first probation-based deradicalization program in the United States, including the challenges and progress made up until this point.