Chapter 17 Discussion Question Pointers

End of Chapter Question Pointers

Chapter 17 – Old and New Terrorism

Peter Neumann

  1. To what extent has the rise of the internet and global communications changed terrorism?
  2. This question encourages you to consider the role of global communication in operations and operational planning, as well as the role of the internet and social media in radicalization and recruitment.

    You can also think about the internet as a ‘new’ social environment in which people meet and socialize, and the role of the internet in facilitating transnational networks.

  3. What technological developments are likely to be embraced by terrorists in the future?
  4. In answering this question think about the potential use of artificial intelligence, 3D-Printing, crypto-currency, or drone technology.

  5. Did the rise of al-Qaeda and jihadist terrorism justify the Global War on Terror and other exceptional measures taken to combat terrorism?
  6. To answer this, one needs to consider other questions such as: what actual threat did al-Qaeda pose? Was the Global War on Terror well-defined? At what point would the war have been won? Did the invasion of Iraq combat or create terrorism? Are there parts of the War on Terror that worked better than others?

  7. Should far-right terrorism be classified as ‘old’ or ‘new’?
  8. One way to approach this question is to reflect on what is the far right today, and how it has changed overtime. To what extent do today’s far-right terrorists see themselves in the tradition of ‘historical fascism’? How has the rise of the internet changed the far-right? What emerging overlaps exist with other milieus, such as gaming, misogyny, and/or satanism?

  9. Based on the issues and factors described in this chapter, what forms of terrorism are likely to emerge next?
  10. In answering this question, think about the major fault lines that exist in Western societies. What is the potential for such fault lines to lead to violence? How has the Corona pandemic affected extremism? Will the climate crisis give rise to instability and terrorism? With more and more of our lives taking place online, what is the risk of cyber terrorism?