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Chapter 14 – Can States be Terrorists?

Kieran McConaghy


Amnesty International have been active since 1961, investigating and campaigning against Human Rights violations. Their remit includes reporting on torture, enforced disappearance, assassinations, and many other forms of violence that could constitute state terrorism. Their website is a valuable resource, hosting a large number of country-specific reports as well as studies on various human rights issues globally.


The Intercept is a Non-Profit Organisation specialising in Investigatory Journalism. Its series of reports on ‘The Drone Papers’ uses leaked US military documents to highlight the extent of the US drone assassination programme in Afghanistan, Somalia, and Yemen.


B’Tselem is a Jerusalem-based NGO which exists to highlight and document Israeli human rights abuses in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories. It looks at the violence perpetrated directly by branches of the Israeli state and also considers the violence of Israeli settlers with the tacit approval of the state to constitute state terrorism.


Pat Finucane Centre is a human right advocacy and lobbying organization based in Northern Ireland. Its main aim is to raise awareness of human rights abuses during the conflict in Northern Ireland. This includes investigations into a range of actions by the British government such as extrajudicial assassinations, detention without trial, and collusion between the British security forces and illegal loyalist paramilitaries.

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