Chapter 3 Links and Further Reading

Ethnography: Studying Culture
  1. Ethnographic Praxis in Industry (EPIC) (
    Dedicated to advancing the value of ethnography in industry, this professional organization works with ethnographers working in a variety of setting utilize ethnographic expertise. They hold an annual conference that showcases ethnographic practitioners from around the world.
  1. Ethnography Matters (
    Ethnography Matters is a site containing practical advice for ethnographers in the private and public sectors, particularly those focused on aspects of technology. The website includes sections on Methods, Interviews, Series, and Editions, the latter of which focus on a new topic every two months.
  1. Fieldsights (
    Fieldsights is a collection of blogs run by the editorial staff of the Society for Cultural Anthropology. Its featured blogs include “Field Notes,” in which authors reflect on fieldwork experiences; “Hot Spots,” an essay series on current global issues; and “Theorizing the Contemporary,” which explores current debates in anthropology.