Introduction: The Hazards of Fearlessness

PART I  Emotional Processing

Broad Theories of Emotion Emphasize Bodily Responses

Do emotions cause bodily changes, or vice versa?

BOX 11.1: Lie Detector?

RESEARCHERS AT WORK: Stanley Schachter proposed a cognitive interpretation of stimuli and visceral states

Is There a Core Set of Emotions?

Facial expressions have complex functions in communication

Facial expressions are mediated by muscles, cranial nerves, and CNS pathways

Do Distinct Brain Circuits Mediate Different Emotions?

Electrical stimulation of the brain can produce emotional effects

Brain lesions also affect emotions

The amygdala is crucial for emotional learning

Different emotions activate different regions of the human brain

PART II  Aggression

Neural Circuitry, Hormones, and Synaptic Transmitters Mediate Violence and Aggression

Androgens seem to increase aggression

Brain circuits mediate aggression

The biopsychology of human violence is a topic of controversy

PART III  Stress and Health

Stress Activates Many Bodily Responses

The stress response progresses in stages

There are individual differences in the stress response

Stress and emotions affect our health

Why does chronic stress suppress the immune system?

SIGNS & SYMPTOMS: Long-Term Consequences of Childhood Bullying