Adaptation and Resistance: The Ottoman and Russian Empires, 1683–1908

Audio / Video / Film

  1. Engineer an Empire—Russia

Beginning in 1480, with the reign of Ivan III and the overthrow of the Mongol Tatars rulers; this documentary looks at Russian history, building and expansion under the Tsars up until the revolution in the twentieth century.

  1. The Romanovs and the Russian Revolution: (46:58)

Yale University video lecture series looks at the Russian Revolution, the causes, course and consequence.

  1. The Most Evil Men in History—Rasputin (23:52)

Available on Netflix instant: History's Mysteries, the True Story of Rasputin

  1. The Crimean War

A comprehensive study of the Crimean War, this documentary examines the key events, figures and battles of the conflict fought between 1853–56.

Episode 1/3 (46:40)

Episode 2/3 (45:43)

Episode 3/3 (45:39)

Web Links

  1. Russian Legacy, a website devoted to the Russian Empire, organized as a timeline with
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