Empires and Visionaries in India, 600 BCE–600 CE 214

Audio / Video / Film

  1. Samrat Ashoka the Great Indian King (6:40)

Brief but informative, this short documentary looks at the military strategies of Ashoka, India’s great ruler and his conversion to Buddhism.

  1. BBC The Story of India—Ages of Gold (4)

Part four in Michael Woods’ series on the history of India examines the country’s Golden Age.

Part 1/7 (8:25)

Part 2/7 (8:25)

Part 3/7 (8:25)

Part 4/7 (8:25)

Part 5/7 (8:25)

Part 6/7 (8:25)

Part 7/7 (8:25)

  1. Discovering China: The Han Dynasty, China's First Golden Age

Web Links

  1. Based on P.B.S.’s six part series on the history of India, this colorful website allows you to navigate your way along Ancient India’s