A Fragile Capitalist-Democratic World Order, 1991-2020

Audio / Video / Film

  1. Iraq Documentary (42:32)

This Emmy Award winning documentary, hosted by Dave Malkoff, focuses on Iraq’s troublesome transition into democracy.

  1. Afghanistan: War without End (58:51)

This documentary looks at the war in Afghanistan and the key decisions which has shaped the conflict.

  1. The Death of Yugoslavia [3/6]—Wars of Independence

Comprised of interviews with Slobodan Miloševic and other leading figures of the conflict the BBC looks at the collapse of Yugoslavia, the subsequent wars and political crisis that ensued. Viewer discretion is advised.

Part 1/5 (9:50)

Part 2/5 (9:53)

Part 3/5 (9:53)

Part 4/5 (9:56)

Part 5/5 (9:54)

  1. The Death of Yugoslavia—[4/6]—The Gates of Hell

The BBC continues its series on the fall of Yugoslavia and the conflict which ensued. This series exposes the ethic cleansing policy of Slobodan Miloševic in Bosnia. Caution: This documentary contains some images which some viewers may find disturbing.

Part 1/5 (9:48)

Part 2/5 (9:50)

Part 3/5 (9:54)

Part 4/5 (9:49)

Part 5/5 (9:53)

Web Links

  1. Balanced and informative environmental websites.
  2. The United States Environmental Protection Agency website reviews current environmental topics, laws and regulations, and news.
  3. BBC News looks back at the lie and career of Nelson
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