A Fragile Capitalist-Democratic World Order, 1991-2020

A system maintained by the United States whereby dollars are the sole currency in which the price of oil and most other commodities and goods in the world are denominated; the regime forces most countries to maintain two currencies, with consequent financial constraints.

Cultural movement influential across the world from ca. 1970 to 2010 which centers on "critical theory," according to which reality is constructed through discourse and the will to power determines society's institutions.

Religious-nationalist ideology in which the reformed Sunni or Shiite Islam of the twentieth century is used to define all institutions of the state and society.

The ongoing process of integrating the norms of market economies throughout the world and binding the economies of the world into a single uniform system.

The array of computers, information, electronic services, entertainment, and storage available to business and consumers, with information increasingly stored in the "cloud" — that is, online storage centers rather than individual computer hard drives.

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