The End of the Cold War, Western Social Transformation, and the Developing World, 1963–1991

Audio / Video / Film

  1. Pol Pot—Inside Evil

Frontline episode on Khmer Rouge

  1. The Civil Rights Era from BBC Motion Gallery (2:15)

This short clip from the BBC’s Motion Gallery department presents a montage of both images and audio/visual clips depicting the struggle for Civil Rights in America.

Web Links

  1. Cold War International History Project of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Rich archival materials including collections on the end of the Cold War, Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Cuban Missile Crisis, and Chinese foreign policy documents.
  2. College of DuPage Library. Typing in the “search” box “Research guide to 1960s websites” yields a wide-ranging set of relevant
  3. BBC’s archive ON THIS DAY shows video footage from the Tiananmen Square massacre in
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