The New Imperialism in the Nineteenth Century, 1750–1914

Audio / Video / Film

  1. Fredrick the Great and the Enigma of Prussia

Professor Christopher Clark examines the life of Fredrick the Great who transformed Prussia into a military state and whose ideology would become the inspiration for Hitler’s vision for Germany.

Part 1/5 (13:21)

Part 2/5 (14:05)

Part 3/5 (13:42)

Part 4/5 (8:42)

Part 5/5 (9:13)

  1. Mao’s Bloody Revolution (1:26:40)

Philip Short’s documentary looks at ‘the course of the Chinese revolution up to the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution’ and the terrible legacy of blood and suppression left by Chairman Mao.

Web Links

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  4. The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum looks back on one of the darkest times in western
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