The Challenge of Modernity: East Asia, 1750–1910

Audio / Video / Film

  1. Japanese History of Edo period to the Meiji Restoration

This documentary looks at Japan in the time of the Meiji restoration.

Part 1/6 (8:52)

Part 2/6 (9:05)

Part 3/6 (8:06)

Part 4/6 (8:44)

Part 5/6 (8:22)

Part 6/6 (8:18)

  1. Art, Artifice and Identity—The World of the Qianlong Emperor(35:50)

The MET Museum’s lecture series focuses on the Qianlong Emperor and his retirement palace in the Forbidden City.

Web Links

  1. Education About Asia. This site provides the best online sources for modern Chinese and Japanese
  2. This is the site of the Association for Asian Studies, the home page of which has links to sources more suited to advanced term papers and seminar
  3. Packed with maps, photographs and movies depicting the conflict between Japan and China at the end of the 19th century, students can learn more about causes and consequences of the Sino-Japanese
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