Creoles and Caudillos: Latin America in the Nineteenth Century, 1790–1917

Audio / Video / Film

  1. The Children Who Built Victorian Britain:

Weblink with short video clips

  1. Albert Einstein: How I See the World

PBS documentary: Einstein's Big Idea, the story behind. e=mc^2

  1. The Wright Stuff—The Life of the Wright Brothers

With interviews from family members and home-movie footage, this documentary looks at the Wright brothers, Wilbur and Orville, and the invention of the airplane.

Part 1/6 (9:34)

Part 2/6 (9:38)

Part 3/6 (9:43)

Part 4/6 (9:20)

Part 5/6 (9:08)

Part 6/6 (8:45)

Web Links

  1. Remarkable website that explores Thomas Edison’s impact on modernity through his innovations and inventions. This site also reproduces all of Edison’s scientific sketches which are available to download as PDF
  2. A visually beautiful website which reproduces many of Monet’s masterpieces, this site also includes an extensive biographical account of the famous painter’s life and works. It also includes information about his wife Camille, his gardens at Giverny, and a
  3. This website has reproduced, in full, the works of Charles Darwin. In addition to providing digitized facsimiles of his works, private papers and manuscripts it has also added a concise biographical account and numerous images of Darwin throughout his
  4. Fantastic and informative website that houses digitized manuscripts of Einstein’s Also includes a gallery of images.
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