Interaction and Adaptation in Western Eurasia: Persia, Greece, and Rome, 550 BCE–600 CE

Audio / Video / Film

  1. Ancient Warriors—The Legions of Rome (25:18) Weblink on life in Ancient Rome
  2. The Greeks—Crucible of Civilization Video available on Netflix Instant

Part One (1:11:10)

Part Two (1:02:07)

  1. Ancient Warriors: The Assyrians—Masters of War (25:23) The Assyrians: Masters of War
  2. Britain BC

Dr. Francis Pryor examines what Britain looked like before the arrival of the Roman Army.

Part 1/3 (46:45)

Part 2/3 (46:45)

Part 3/3 (48:42)

Web Links

  1. Perseus Digital Library, probably the largest website on Greece and Rome, with immense resources, located at Tufts
  2. The University of Harvard allows students to tailor searches in order to access specific geo-political and spatial cartographical representations of the Roman and Medieval