Origins Apart: The Americas and Oceania, 16,000–600 BCE

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  1. UQ Archaeology Jay Hall Lecture 2011—“The last great human migration: DNA and the human settlement of the Pacific”

Biological anthropologist Professor Lisa Matisoo Smith looks at the last great human migration, that of the Polynesians and the settlement of the Pacific.

Part 1/4 (13:46)

Part 2/4 (14:06)

Part 3/4 (13:46)

Part 4/4 (12:16)

  1. The Mystery of Easter Island

The BBC seeks to uncover the mysteries of Easter Island. Who were the Polynesian peoples that populated the island? How did they live? And why did they construct immense stone statues to watch over the island?

Part 1/6 (9:20)

Part 2/6 (9:05)

Part 3/6 (9:06)

Part 4/6 (9:04)

Part 5/6 (9:05)

Part 6/6 (4:37)

  1. Light at the edge of the world—The Wayfinders (46:32)

Anthropologist Wade Davis travels to the Polynesian islands in search of the secrets of the Wayfinders who were navigating the largest ocean in the world while Europeans were still clinging to their shore lines.

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  1. PBS series that examines the Polynesians and their