Agrarian Centers and the Mandate of Heaven in Ancient China, 5000–481 BCE

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  1. [New Frontier HQ] Chinese Civilization (03) Bronze Age

CCTV examines the history of Chinese civilization focusing on the Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties. The series contains footage of the many archaeological sites, bronze artifacts and oracle bones which have been discovered across China and date to this period of ancient history.

Part 1/2 (12:48)

Part 2/2 (12:54)

  1. [New Frontier HQ] Chinese Civilization (04) Bronze Age (This is a continuation of the above two episodes.)

Part 1/2 (13:08)

Part 2/2 (13:16)

Web Links

  1. This is the site of the Society for the Study of Early China. The site is for scholars, and the organization also publishes its own journal, Early China, as well as scholarly
  2. This site provides access to the British Museum’s ancient Chinese collections and is highly useful for students seeking illustrations of assorted artifacts in a user-friendly