Constructive trusts

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Maria steals a bag of coins from Naomi.
According to Lord Browne-Wilkinson in Westdeutsche, what claim does Naomi have?

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Pria declares a trust for her children for the purpose of avoiding tax. It turns out that she misunderstood the law and so a significant amount of tax was owed.
Can Pria rescind the settlement?

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Paul and Paula, husband and wife, made wills in each other's favour, with gifts to all three of their children after the survivor's death. Paula died first, and Paul changed his will to leave the property to one of the three children.
What are the rights of the three children?

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Filip is a trustee of property for Gerda. Helen pays Filip £1,000 to invest the trust property in one of her business ventures, which is doomed to fail.
What is Gerda's position in relation to the £1,000?

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