Resulting trusts

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Luna is Marion's mother. Luna makes a gift of shares to Marion.
What are the positions of both parties?

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Queenie transfers shares to Regina to hold on trust for Sabrina in remainder for Tina. A year later, Sabrina dies. A few years after that, Tina dies.
What happens to the shares?

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Henrietta agrees to loan £1,000 to Company X for the purpose of purchasing equipment. In giving the money, she states that it is to be used for the purpose of purchasing the equipment and any other necessary items for Company X, as the directors see fit. She requires that the money is held in a different account to Company X's normal account. Company X goes into liquidation.
What claim does Henrietta have?

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Isla owes Jonathan £1,000. Isla pays Kurtis £1,000 by mistake. Kurtis spent the money on a holiday without realizing that he had been paid by mistake.
Under the current law, what is Isla's position?

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Helen transfers money to Kaitlyn under a voidable contract. Helen applies to the court to seek an order rescinding the contract.
What is the effect of the rescission?

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