Charitable trusts

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A student union organizes a demonstration campaigning against an increase in university tuition fees.
Does this breach the rule that charities cannot pursue political objectives?

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Jessica creates a charity which is a youth centre for underprivileged children. She charges 20p for each lesson and activity, and the profits go towards paying the staff and maintaining the building.
What is the consequence for the charity?

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A fund is held on trust for a charity for the prevention of cruelty to animals. Provision is made for £500 to be spent on a dinner for all the charity trustees who attend the quarterly meetings.
What is the consequence of the addition of a non-charitable purpose? There might be more than one correct answer.

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A testator makes a bequest of £10,000, with £6,000 to be for the charitable purpose of assisting the homeless by purchasing land on which to build a shelter, and £4,000 to be for the testator's children. The £6,000 is not enough to buy the land and so the charitable purpose fails.
Can the fund be applied cy-près and what is the effect of the non-charitable purpose?

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