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Mildred leaves £1,000 to Tina in her will. She separately communicates with Tina that she wishes the £1,000 to be held on trust but fails to tell Tina who it is to be held on trust for. After Mildred's death, Tina finds a letter saying Mildred wishes the £1,000 to be held on trust for Ramone.
Is the trust valid and, if so, what is the position of Ramone?

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Xerxes declares a trust in favour of Eugene with Fred as trustee.
Prior to the vesting of the legal title in Fred, can Xerxes change his mind?

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Patricia holds the legal title to shares. She declares a trust of the shares in favour of X Charity and declares that Larry and Lauren will be co-trustees. Patricia dies before the legal title is transferred to the other trustees.
Is this a validly constituted trust?
There may be more than one correct answer.

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Florina owns shares. She declares a gift of those shares in favour of Rafel. She signs the relevant transfer documents and posts them to Rafel but dies before Rafel receives the documents, and so before he can be registered as the owner. Accordingly, Florina holds the legal title to the shares when she dies.
Can Equity save this failed gift?

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