Equitable orders

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Evan is intending to sue his builder, Des, for damage that Des caused to Evan's property. Evan suspects that Des may try to dissipate his assets so that he will be unable to meet the claim. Evan applies to the court and succeeds in getting a freezing order over Des's bank account.
What are Evan and Des able to do with the money in the bank account?

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Colin built a house next to Alice's land. The only way for Colin to access his house involves breaching a covenant over Alice's land. Alice sought an injunction to restrain Colin from continuing breach of the covenant. The injunction was refused, and the court ordered Colin to pay damages.
Colin continues to breach the covenant. What further action can Alice take?

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Jonny and Tom are best friends. Jonny induces Tom to agree that he should grant a mortgage over his house in favour of a bank. Jonny provides false information about the benefits of a mortgage. The bank is highly suspicious and suspects that Jonny has misled Tom into agreeing to the mortgage. Tom changes his mind.
Can Tom do anything to get out of the arrangement?

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Debra is suffering with dementia. Lucy offers to buy Debra's house, unaware of Debra's illness. Debra's house is worth £250,000 and Lucy offers £100,000. Debra agrees.
Can Debra rescind the agreement?

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Harriet and Marta are negotiating a contract for a business which relates to walking and grooming dogs. During the negotiations, they agree that Harriet will be responsible for walking the dogs and will be liable for a failure to do so. The terms of the contract, however, state that Marta will be responsible and risks liability.
What can Harriet and Marta do?

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