Personal liability of third parties

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Hannah is a trustee for Sophie. Hannah misappropriates £100 from the trust and gives it to Caroline. Caroline is suspicious that the money might have come from the trust but deliberately decides not to investigate where the money came from. Caroline spends the money on wine which she drinks.
What claims might be available to Sophie?

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Pierre is a trustee for Camille. The trust fund contains lots of vintage and classic cars. Pierre misappropriates one of the cars, worth £50,000 and gives it to Vladimir. Vladimir is aware that Pierre is a trustee of many valuable cars and that the car likely came from the trust, but he asks no further questions. The car fell in value quite significantly and Vladimir decided to sell it for £20,000. He spent the £20,000 on a cruise.
What claims might be available for Camille?

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Frances is a solicitor who advises Ferdinand, a trustee. Frances encourages Ferdinand to sell some trust property to her brother, Ronald. She thinks that it is a good deal and that any reasonable person would agree that she was giving good advice. Ferdinand agrees to the sale, not realizing that he is acting in breach of trust. The sale causes a major loss to the trust fund.
What claims might be available to the beneficiary?

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Daniel dishonestly assists a breach of trust. He encourages the trustee, Ella, to sell shares at an overvalue in breach of trust and to give Daniel some of the profits. Daniel gets £1,000 and the trust suffers a loss of £500 worth of shares.
What remedy is available to the beneficiary?

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