Proprietary claims and remedies

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Kurtis is short of cash. He asks his friend Kevin to lend him £10. Kevin gives him £10 and says, 'Don't worry about it, I think I owe you some money anyway, it's a gift.' Kurtis spends £8 on his dinner and £3 on a lottery ticket, the other £1 being contributed from change Kurtis found in his pocket. Kurtis wins £1 million in the lottery.
Kevin claims that he has a proprietary right over the £1 million. Does he?

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Teddy is a trustee. Teddy misappropriates £750 from the trust fund and gives it to his daughter, Alice, who thinks it is a thoughtful birthday gift. Alice spends the money on a holiday.
Do the beneficiaries have an equitable proprietary claim over the £750 or its traceable substitute?

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Richard misappropriates £1,000 from a trust. He gives the £1,000 to his daughter, Sabrina, who buys a painting from Tony for £500. Tony is unaware that the money is trust money. Sabrina also buys shares with the money and gives them to her partner Ula. The shares fall in value so are now worth only £100.
Are the beneficiaries of the trust able to trace their misappropriated £1,000?

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Sophie is in a fiduciary relationship with Harriet and receives property on Harriet's behalf. Sophie misappropriates the property and gives it to Harley who gives it to Hayden.
Can Harriet assert her equitable proprietary right against Haden?

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Fiorina is a trustee for Pedro. She misappropriates £100 from the trust and deposits it in her own bank account which already contains £100 of Fiorina's own money. Fiorina buys groceries worth £90 and eats them. She then buys a lottery ticket for £4 and wins £10,000.
What claims are available to Pedro?

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Jeffrey is a trustee of two trusts; one in favour of Douglas and one in favour of Ife. Jeffrey misappropriates £100 from both trusts and places the money in a bank account. Jeffrey first places the £100 from Douglas's trust and then the £100 from Ife's trust. Jeffrey spends £100 on petrol for his car and uses it swiftly.
What claims are available to Douglas?

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