Personal claims and remedies

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Maria is a trustee. She makes an unauthorized investment of £10,000 in shares. The shares are now worth only £8,000.
What can the beneficiaries do?

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Julie is a trustee. She holds £100,000 on trust for Harriet. Julie is instructed to invest £50,000 in shares upon the receipt of certain documents. Julie mistakenly invests the £50,000 before receiving the documents. In that time, the value of the shares falls significantly. The next day, Julie receives the documents.
What is Harriet entitled to?

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Felix is a trustee. He has a duty to sell a house and invest the proceeds from the sale in various companies as identified by the settlor. The trust instrument states that the property should be sold as soon as possible for whatever reasonable amount can be obtained. The house is worth £250,000 and Felix puts it on the market for that price. He gets an offer for £225,000 but refuses it. Subsequently, a motorway is built next to the house which makes it more difficult to sell and lowers its value to £150,000.
Is Felix personally liable for breach of trust?

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Dan is a fiduciary. Dan profited from his position as a fiduciary by receiving a bribe. Dan invested the bribe in land which significantly increased in value.
What, if anything, is Dan's principal, Paula, entitled to?

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Georgia is a trustee. Georgia gives £1,000 of trust property to her cousin, George, in deliberate breach of trust knowing that he does not fall within the class of beneficiaries. The money was a loan with interest paid to Georgia at 5 per cent per month. If the money had been property administered under the trust, it would have been invested in shares and received interest of 3 per cent per month.
What options are available to the beneficiaries?

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