Liability for breach of trust and fiduciary duty

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Catrin is a trustee. She discovers a lucrative investment opportunity that would significantly increase the value of the trust. She decides not to invest as a trustee and plans to invest in her personal capacity for her own benefit. The beneficiaries claim that she is liable for acting in breach of trust. The trust instrument states the following: 'the trustee will not be liable for any loss suffered by the trust fund irrespective of how that loss was caused'.
Would Catrin be liable for breach of trust?

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Jemima is a professional trustee. In her capacity as a trustee, she invests in a business which is excluded from the trust instrument and so by investing she has acted in breach of trust. The business is about to declare bankruptcy. Jemima genuinely believed that investing in the business was in the best interests of the beneficiaries. It was obvious, however, that the business was in trouble and was a very bad investment. The trust instrument includes a clause exempting the trustee from all liability other than 'dishonesty'.
Is Jemima liable for acting in breach of trust?

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Lenny is entitled to a future interest under a trust. He is to become entitled to the trust property upon the death of his mother, Lea. The trustee, Lucifer, dishonestly misappropriated half of the trust property in breach. Seven years after Lucifer's breach, Lea died. Lenny then acquired a present interest in the remaining trust property. Four years after Lea's death, Lenny brought a claim against Lucifer for breach of trust.
Is Lenny likely to succeed in his claim in the light of the limitation period?

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Danny is a trustee. In his capacity as a trustee, he discovers a lucrative investment opportunity that he wishes to pursue for his own personal benefit. Danny decides to retire from his position as a trustee in order to pursue the investment opportunity.
Is Danny liable for acting in breach of trust?

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