The variation of trusts

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Simone declares a fixed trust of £50,000 in favour of her daughter Belinda, her son Brendan, and Brendan's two children, Bianca and Ben. Bianca and Ben are aged 10 and 12. Brendan wishes to alter the terms of the trust. Belinda disagrees.
Can Brendan alter the terms of the trust?

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Freddy declares a trust in favour of his daughter, Francesca, with remainder to Francesca's children. In the event that Francesca dies without any children, then the property will go to Francesca's cousin, Mildred. Francesca is yet to have any children. Francesca is seeking the alteration of the terms of the trust instrument.
Under the Variations of Trusts act 1958, can the court consent to the alteration to the terms of the trust?

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Arya and her daughter Lili are beneficiaries under a trust. The trust instrument includes a forfeiture provision which states that if either beneficiary became vegan then they would forfeit their interest under the trust, with the forfeited portion accruing in favour of the other beneficiary. Arya eats meat, but Lili is a vegan.
Would the court approve Arya and Lili's application to alter the terms of the trust to remove the forfeiture clause?

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Frieda is 30 years old and has a life interest under a trust with Fabian taking absolutely on her death. Fabian is 16. Frieda sought to alter the trust so that both Frieda and Fabian would hold 50 per cent of the trust property.
Would Frieda succeed in attempting to alter the trust?

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