Dispositive powers and duties

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Ava is a trustee. She has a power to distribute the income for the maintenance of Lori until Lori's 30th birthday. Subject to that power, Ava will hold the property for Nora and Flora in equal shares absolutely. Ava considered distributing income to Lori on her 29th birthday but decided not to. The day after Lori's 30th birthday, Ava decides to exercise her power and distribute income to Lori.
Is the exercise of the power valid?

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Ghita is a trustee of a discretionary trust. Ghita thinks that Georgia falls within the class of objects and makes a distribution to Georgia. It turns out that Georgia does not fall within the class. Georgia has spent the money in good faith.
What personal claim is available to Ghita?

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Sandra creates a trust in favour of her daughter, Sheila. The terms of the trust state that the property will be held on trust for Sheila until she reaches the age of 30. Sandra appoints Tony to be the trustee. Sheila is now 34.
What obligations is Tony under in relation to administering the trust?

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Esmerelda leaves property on trust for her nephew, Albert. Albert is four years old. The trustee, Rita, is unclear how to administer the trust property.
How should Rita administer the trust property for Albert?

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