The administration of trusts

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Felicity is a vegetarian and she is a trustee of a large fund. Her investment adviser recommends investing in a farm which specializes in producing beef as it could produce a high return for the fund. Felicity refuses on ethical grounds.
Has Felicity breached her duty of care?

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Luciana is a trustee of shares in a company. She knows little about the company and so appoints a nominee, Kayla. Luciana transfers the legal title to the shares to Kayla. Luciana has complied with the statutory duty of care. Kayla then breaches the trust by selling the shares.
What is the consequence?

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Barbara is a trustee of a very valuable fund. She is not particularly knowledgeable about investments but makes an effort to invest the trust property in a diverse array of investment opportunities. Barbara was reading a magazine about cars and decided to invest £50,000 in a car company.
Has Barbara met her investment duties?

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In his will, Roger gives shares to Edgar to hold on trust for Elaine for life with remainder to Brian. It is highly likely that the shares will significantly decrease in value and be worth very little by the time Brian will become entitled.
What can Edgar do?

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