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Enid holds shares on trust for Finn. In breach of trust, Enid sells the shares to Gerry. Gerry is Enid's business partner and knows that he holds shares as a trustee, but Gerry suspected that he did not hold any shares in his own right. Gerry decides not to investigate as Enid has offered such a good price which is well below the value of the shares. Gerry purchases the shares.
Which of the following options are available to Finn?

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Aaron holds money on trust for Belinda. Belinda asks Aaron to transfer the legal and equitable proprietary interests to Celine. Aaron does so by transferring the money into Celine's bank account.
Does Celine hold the legal and equitable title to the property?

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Aaron holds money on trust for Belinda. Belinda asks Aaron to hold the property on trust for Celine. The request is in writing but is not signed. Celine finds the document and signs it herself.
Is this a valid disposition of Belinda's equitable interest?

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Terence holds property on a discretionary trust for Ryan, Reena, Renee, and Ruben. Terence must distribute the whole of the fund but has a discretion as to which object will benefit and by how much. Ryan, Reena, and Renee are all 25 years old and agree to terminate the trust and request Terence to transfer the property to them. Ruben is 8 years old and is persuaded by the other objects to agree to the proposal.
Can Terence terminate the trust by transferring the property to Ryan, Reena, Renee, and Ruben?

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