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Terry and Tina are cohabiting. They are both named as the registered proprietors of the house, but Tina contributed 80 per cent of the purchase price and pays all of the mortgage payments. Terry and Tina agreed that if they separate amicably then they should get a 50:50 share of the house, but if they separated due to unfaithfulness, the party at fault would get 10 per cent and the other party would get 90 per cent. Tina cheats on Terry and they decide to split up. She argues that as she contributed 80 per cent of the purchase price and pays all of the mortgage payments, she should get an 80 per cent share.
What would the courts determine as to the apportionment of the beneficial interest?

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A house was cohabited by Saffron and Saoirse. The property was registered in the sole name of Saffron and the purchase monies and mortgage payments came from Saffron's salary. The couple had a common intention that they held the beneficial interest in equal proportions. Saffron and Saoirse split up and the property was sold for £500,000. Saoirse claimed that 50 per cent of the proceeds of the sale were held on trust for her by Saffron.
What percentage of the proceeds of sale is Saoirse entitled to?

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Anton and Benedict are both bidding in an auction for land. Anton suggests that Benedict does not bid so that Anton is more likely to win at a cheaper price, and then Anton will divide the land between himself and Benedict. Benedict agrees, but bids anyway. Anton wins and then denies that Benedict has any interest in the land.
What is the position of Benedict?

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Larry owns a restaurant. His daughter, Martine, has worked in the restaurant without payment for twenty years. Larry is known for not being the most honest person. When Martine was younger, Larry would gesture to the restaurant and say, 'All this will be yours one day.' Larry died intestate.
What rights does Martine have in relation to the restaurant?

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Fae owns a large house. Her friend, Geoffrey, has recently been evicted and needs somewhere to stay. Fae tells Geoffrey to stay at the house as long as he needs to get back on his feet. Geoffrey stays for six months and whilst there does some renovations and improvements to the home as a thank you to Fae. Fae and Geoffrey have an argument and Fae asks Geoffrey to leave.
Geoffrey claims that Fae holds part of the house on trust for him. Which of the following is true?

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