Chapter 19 Study Questions

  1. Discuss some of the genetic interactions required for the establishment of adaxial/abaxial polarity and blade outgrowth in developing leaves.

    Textbook Reference: The Establishment of Leaf Polarity, pp. 554–559

  2. Discuss the role of KNOX1 in compound leaf formation.

    Textbook Reference: The Establishment of Leaf Polarity, pp. 559–560

  3. Describe the genetic control of patterning for either stomata or trichomes.

    Textbook Reference: Differentiation of Epidermal Cell Types, pp. 562–565

  4. Discuss the role of auxin and auxin transporters in the formation of the primary vascular system of stems and the venation pattern of leaves.

    Textbook Reference: Venation Patterns in Leaves, pp. 566–572

  5. Describe the interactions of hormones and sucrose in the regulation of axillary bud growth in stems.

    Textbook Reference: Shoot Branching and Architecture, pp. 573–577

  6. How does root system architecture change in response to phosphorus deficiency?

    Textbook Reference: Root System Architecture, pp. 580–583