Chapter 18 Study Questions

  1. Discuss the various types of seed dormancy.

    Textbook Reference: p. 516

  2. Discuss the regulation of seed dormancy and the release from dormancy by environmental and hormonal factors.

    Textbook Reference: pp. 517–520

  3. Using cereal endosperm as an example, discuss the mechanism of the mobilization of seed storage reserves.

    Textbook Reference: pp. 522–526

  4. Discuss the starch-statolith hypothesis in relation to gravitropism in roots.

    Textbook Reference: pp. 530–532

  5. Compare and contrast photomorphogenesis and shade avoidance.

    Textbook Reference: pp. 537–542

  6. Describe variations in the pattern of root hair formation. What factors regulate root hair formation?

    Textbook Reference: pp. 545–547