Chapter 15 Study Questions

  1. Signal transduction involves both signal perception and signal amplification. Discuss the roles of at least three types of second messengers during signal amplification in plants.

  2. Textbook Reference: Signal Perception and Amplification, pp. 409–415

  3. Name the eight major plant hormones and describe one developmental function for each.

  4. Textbook Reference: Hormones and Plant Development, pp. 414–421

  5. Create a diagram showing how hormone concentrations in a plant are regulated during homeostasis.

  6. Textbook Reference: Phytohormone Metabolism and Homeostasis, pp. 421–429

  7. Some of the signaling pathways of the different plant hormones have basic features in common. What are the two basic types of shared signaling pathways and which hormones use them during signal transduction?

  8. Textbook Reference: Hormonal Signaling Pathways, pp. 431–441

  9. What is meant by “cross-regulation?” Provide examples of three different types of cross regulation.

  10. Textbook Reference: Hormonal Signaling Pathways, pp. 441–444