Chapter 1 Study Questions

  1. Describe the sequence of translation, posttranslational modification, and transport of a newly-made secretory protein through the endomembrane system to the cell wall.

    Textbook Reference: The Endomembrane System, pp. 16–23

  2. What are the differences in structure and function of the double outer membranes of chloroplasts and mitochondria?

    Textbook Reference: Independently Dividing, Semiautonomous Organelles, pp. 25–29

  3. Compare the branching of actin filaments and the branching of microtubules in terms of the involvement of accessory proteins and modified cytoskeletal monomers in plants.

    Textbook Reference: The Plant Cytoskeleton, pp. 29–33

  4. How does the organization of the endoplasmic and nuclear envelope change during cell division?

    Textbook Reference: Cell Cycle Regulation, pp. 35–39

  5. How does the vacuole differ and change during development of the cell types involved in long distance transport (xylem, phloem, and laticifers) in the plant?

    Textbook Reference: Plant Cell Types, pp. 42–47