Chapter 9 Single best answer questions

Suicide and self-harm

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. Mr Reed is a 58 year old man with a history of depression. He presents to A&E following an overdose of 16 paracetamol, which he believed to be lethal. His wife came home from work at the usual time, and found him slumped on the couch in the lounge. She was able to tell you that that the front door was on the latch, and there was a suicide note beside him, which said that he was sorry, but couldn't go on anymore. Mr Reed says he bought the paracetamol a week ago "just in case", and is glad that he was found by his wife.
Which of the following REDUCE the likelihood that this was a serious attempt at suicide?

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. Mr Reed now wants to self-discharge, though he has not yet received investigations or treatment for his overdose.
What will you do now?

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. Xiu Mei is 16 and has been cutting herself for the past 3 years. She is worried about the longer term scarring and wants to cut down her self-harm.
Which of the following is a useful strategy to reduce the drive to self-harm?

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. Which of the following is true of the epidemiology of suicide?

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. A 21 year old man is brought into A&E by his mother. He reports that MI5 agents are telling him to kill himself to avoid being tortured for information. He was recently diagnosed with schizophrenia following eight months of gradually worsening auditory hallucinations and the delusion that he was an undercover spy. His illness caused him to drop out of university where he studied ecology, though he hopes to return to complete his studies in a year's time. He has never believed himself to be ill and has been poorly compliant with his medication.
In schizophrenia, which of the following REDUCES his risk of suicide?

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