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Affective disorders

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. Mrs Jane Hopkins is a 27 year old designer who has come to her GP due to feeling sad and progressively more tired over the last month. She also has trouble getting to sleep and wakes up much earlier than she used to. She doesn't enjoy her work anymore.
Which investigation is NOT considered routine when assessing the potential biological causes of this condition?

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. Helen Santos is a 32 year old bank clerk who was diagnosed with depression two weeks ago and started on an antidepressant. She has been brought to A&E by her partner, John, who is very worried about her. He tells you that she seems to have suffered a "personality change" becoming very irritable, loud, and rude over the past week. Her sleep has been poor and this morning John found her cooking breakfast at 4am.
She is very fidgety during the consultation but says that she is enjoying her new job as a fashion designer.
Which of the following is the MOST LIKELY diagnosis:

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. Mrs Santos is started on lithium.
With regards to this treatment, which of the following options is INCORRECT?

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. Mrs Viola Jones lost her husband Harry four months ago. Initially she felt she was in a state of shock, and "everything passed in a slow blur". She missed Harry dreadfully, and says that she cried for hours every day for the first few weeks. Now, although she isn't crying for hours, she still spends much of her time thinking about Harry and the 37 years they spent together. She is easily moved to tears by little things that remind her of him.
She doesn't seem to want to cook for herself anymore and instead buys sandwiches at the local shop. Although she seems to have regained the weight she lost in the first month, eating in this way is still very out of character for her. It would have been Harry's birthday last week, and while the rest of the family got together to remember Harry, Viola "wanted to be alone" and seemed more tearful than ever.
Which of the following BEST describes Viola's current situation?

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. Six months later, Mrs Jones is still very low in mood when you pay her a home visit at her son's request. She speaks slowly and quietly. She is tearful and avoids eye contact. You only have 30 minutes before the next house call.
What should you do when interviewing this patient?

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