Chapter 22 Single best answer questions

Forensic psychiatry

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. Which of the following is TRUE of forensic psychiatric services?

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. Leon is being treated in a low secure unit following a violent, unprovoked assault when he was unwell. He has schizoaffective disorder and moderate personality disorder with prominent traits of dissociality. He has adhered to his treatment and the team are discussing a 'step down' move to a community hostel. In his childhood, Leon was physically abused by his father, he smoked cannabis until he was admitted to hospital and he had multiple girlfriends.
Which of the following is FALSE?

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. Nadia has mild intellectual disorder and bipolar affective disorder. She has been arrested for attempting to steal a laptop from an electrical store and is in police custody. She is showing signs of mania in her presentation.
Which of the following is LEAST appropriate in her immediate management?

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