Chapter 19 Single best answer questions

Learning disability

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. Martin is a very active ten year old boy, who has had difficulties making friends at school. His parents are worried that he stutters and suspect he is being bullied at school because of his appearance. His teachers report that Martin is struggling with lessons and are concerned that he might have a learning disability.
Their GP has suggested genetic counselling as she suspects that Martin may have a genetic disorder.
Which of the following options is LEAST likely to cause or mimic a learning disability?

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. Martin's parents have given their consent for further investigation of the cause of Martin's suspected learning disability.
Which of the following options is MOST likely to be helpful when investigating learning disabilities?

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. The geneticists diagnose Martin with Fragile X syndrome.
In terms of prognosis, which of the following options MOST accurately reflects Martin's future?

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. 21 year old Jonathan Spidee comes to the GP surgery, accompanied by his mother. Jonathan has been distressed while using the toilet and bathing over the last two weeks. He has a known diagnosis of Down syndrome.
Which of the options below is the MOST appropriate way for you to communicate with Jonathan?

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. Jenny is diagnosed with a mild learning disability.
Which of the following statements is FALSE?

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