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Medically unexplained symptoms

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. Which of the following is TRUE regarding the management of medically unexplained symptoms?

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. Which of the following are true of chronic fatigue syndrome?

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. You admit a 58 year old man with a broad Yorkshire accent to a medical ward in a London hospital. He is unable to remember where he came from, his name, or any personal information. You note that he can use the coffee machine without difficulty, and easily orders food from the ward menu. He is flustered but there is no evidence of physical trauma. He remembers your name at the morning ward round, the next day. He is polite, but keeps asking to leave the ward. You eventually track down his identity, and discover that his wife died suddenly, a day before he appeared in your hospital.
What is the most likely diagnosis?

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. A 68 year old man whose wife recently had an ischaemic stroke presents with sudden onset of bilateral leg paralysis. On examination he denies sensation to the groin, though twitches slightly as you test pinprick sensation. Reflexes and tone are normal. Motor function is 0/5 throughout, though staff report they have noticed him moving his legs while he is sleeping. CT and nerve conduction studies are normal.
What is the most appropriate management?

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