Chapter 13 Single best answer questions

Old age psychiatry

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. A 72 year old woman experiences visual hallucinations and becomes very disruptive while on the ward. The on-call doctor prescribes a new medication. A few days later, the woman deteriorates, becoming feverish, with muscle rigidity, and worsening confusion.
What is the MOST likely cause of this presentation?

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. A 72 year old lady presents to A&E with a fractured neck of femur. She will require an operation. She is noted to have some memory impairment and you are asked to assess her capacity to consent to this procedure.
Which of the following will mean she lacks capacity?

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. Your consultant asks you to see a 71 year old woman whose husband reports that she no longer recognizes their grandchildren, despite clearly being able to see them, and even being able to recite their names.
Which of the following terms will you use to describe this symptom when presenting her to your consultant?

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. Which of the following is true of depression in old age?

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. â-amyloid precursor protein (APP) is involved in the aetiology of Alzheimer's Disease.
Which of the following is TRUE of the APP gene?

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