Chapter 11 Single best answer questions

Substance misuse psychiatry

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. A young male, smelling of alcohol, is brought in to A&E by the police. He is verbally abusive to the staff, especially the nurse in charge, who asks you to see him straight away.
Which of the options below is the MOST APPROPRIATE first step in assessing this patient?

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. Having interviewed your intoxicated patient, you decide to request a urine drug screen (UDS).
Which of the substances below is NOT usually detected by a UDS?

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. A confused, middle-aged woman, with a long-standing history of alcohol misuse is brought into A&E by her brother. He tells you that she's been shaky and sweaty for the last two days, and has been terrified of dogs attacking her in her bedroom. He states that there are no dogs in the house.
Which of the options below is MOST LIKELY to have triggered her symptoms?

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. Which of the following options are you LEAST likely to elicit on examination of a patient with Wernicke's encephalopathy?

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. A 32 year old man is suffering from heroin withdrawal.
Which of the symptoms below is LEAST likely to happen during this process?

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