Gender, Sex, and Sexuality

Further Readings

Aujla, A. (2000). Others in Their Own Land: Second Generation South Asian Canadian Women, Racism, and the Persistence of Colonial Discourse. Canadian Woman Studies 20(2): 41–47.

This article examines how colonial discourses of East Asian women shape their identity and their efforts to assimilate into mainstream society in to “fit in.”

Fausto-Sterling, A. (2000). The Five Sexes, Revisited. The Sciences 40(4): 18–23.

This article revisits Fausto-Sterling’s initial argument that two sexes are not enough to describe the complexities of human sex and that the male/female binary does not adequately represent distinct, natural categories. 

Jackson, S. (2014). Globalization, Corporate Nationalism and Masculinity in Canada: Sport, Molson Beer Advertising and Consumer Citizenship. Sport in Society 17(7): 901–916.

This article examines representations and constructions of masculinity in media, particularly advertising.

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This article uses a qualitative approach to explore how femininity and womanhood are constructed in the context of a male-dominated, male-identified sport: ice hockey.

Helpful Websites

Government of Canada: Advancing Gender Equality

This website provides an overview of specific government initiatives and policies to support global gender equality.

Government of Canada: Status of Women Canada:

This website provides information and resources pertaining to women’s equality in Canadian society.

Milestones in Canadian Women’s History:

This websites chronicles the women’s rights movement from the 1960s. The Resources tab provides further links to other pertinent subject matters, such as women’s policies, guides to feminist research, feminist resources, and scholarly journals. 

Transforming Gender

This CBC documentary tells the story of different trans individuals, discussion experiences of hate and rejection as well as chronicling advocacy efforts for transgender rights.

How We Got Gay

This documentary provides a historical account of the fight for gay rights.

Mars and Venus Today

This documentary explores whether men and women truly are fundamentally different.