Further Readings

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On secondary socialization in the context of education

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On the role of the education system in the socialization process

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On secondary socialization in the context of sports

Helpful Websites

Theories of Socialization:

A more extensive discussion of forms of socialization and theoretical approaches

The Price of Hurrying Children:

David Elkind, author of The Hurried Child, talks about the price of hurrying a child

Indigenous Foundations:

Indigenous Foundations provides extensive resources on topics such as Indigenous identity and culture, the residential school system, or the Sixties Scoop

Secret Life of Babies:

Secret Life of Babies documents insights into how children develop during the first months of their lives

The Dark Matter of Love:

The Dark Matter of Love follows an American family that adopts three children from Russia and documents the trials and tribulations of socializing them into a new family and culture.

Twin Sisters:

Twin Sisters is a documentary that follows twins who were adopted by different families, one living in the US, the other in Norway. This film raises interesting questions about the role of nature and nurture in the development of the self.