Further Readings

Garlick, S. (2010). Taking control of sex? Hegemonic masculinity, technology, and Internet pornography. Men and Masculinities 12(5): 597–614.

This article discusses how technology and pornography shape gender and gender relations, which are social and this cultural rather than biological in nature.

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Lieberson is a Canadian-born author who explores cultural change using specific examples of names and taste in fashion

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This article illustrates the ways in which immigrant Muslim women in Canada perceive the hijab and associate it with diverse meanings.

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Explores the relationship between consumer choices and national cultures

Helpful Websites

Popular Culture Association of Canada:

The Canadian Graduate Journal of Folklore and Ethnology:

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Canadian Heritage:

Government of Canada website that provides information on Canadian heritage and culture

Indigenous Foundations:

Provides resources on topics such as Indigenous identity and culture

My Tribe is My Life:

Interactive documentary that plunges us into the worlds of eight music fans and shows how the Internet has helped them forge their identities

The Merchants of Cool:

Examines the relationship between media, teens and popular/consumer culture