The Environment

Further Readings

Peekhaus, W. (2010). Monsanto Discovers New Social Media. International Journal of Communication 4: 955–976.

This article examines how Monsanto, one of the companies mentioned in the textbook, uses new (social) media in their public relations strategies.

Stoddart, M.C.J. and L. MacDonald (2011). “Keep it Wild, Keep it Local”: Comparing News Media and the Internet as Sites for Environmental Movement Activism for Jumbo Pass, British Columbia. The Canadian Journal of Sociology 36(4): 313–335.

This article looks at the relationship between environmental activism, media coverage, public support, and political decision-making.

Helpful Websites

Earth Day Network – Ecological Footprint Quiz:

This website provides some valuable resources pertaining to the ecological footprint and a footprint calculator. 

Environment and Climate Change Canada:

This Government of Canada website provides a hub of resources about environmental issues and climate change.

David Suzuki Foundation:

This website provides resources and information on one of the leading environmental activists.

Beyond Pollution:

This documentary examines the long-term economic, environmental, and health impact of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Petropolis: Aerial Perspectives on the Alberta Tar Sands

This short film documents the impact of industrialization on the Athabasca tar sands oil reserve in Alberta.

The Hole Story:

This documentary chronicles the impact of the Canadian mining industry on worker’s health and the environment.

Something in the Air:

This documentary focuses on the effects of the use of pesticides on potato farms in Prince Edward Island on those most vulnerable to health problems.