Health and Medicine

Further Readings

Fuller, C. (1998). Caring for profit: How corporations are taking over Canada’s health care system. Vancouver: New Star.

This book takes a critical look at the privatization and commodification of Canada’s health care system.

Nakhaie, R. and R. Arnold (2010). A four-year (1996–2000) analysis of social capital and health status of Canadians: The difference that love makes. Social Science and Medicine 71(5): 1037–1044.

This article examines social determinant of health.

Helpful Websites

Association for Size Diversity and Health:

This website provides some useful information pertaining to the discrimination based on body weight and the consequences when oppressed communities are marginalized by the medical system and its practitioners.

Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health:

This alliance of mental health organizations provides information, support and resources pertaining to mental illness and mental health.

Health Canada website:

A useful hub of information pertaining to health in Canada

Health Canada website:

A source of information about health issues in First Nations and Inuit communities

World Health Organization:

This website provides resources pertaining to global health issues.

Doctors Without Residency:

This short documentary illustrates the challenges of foreign-trained doctors face when trying to practise medicine in Canada.

Doctor Woman: The Life and Times of Dr. Elizabeth Bagshaw

This documentary provides a portray of Dr. Bagshaw, who was a women’s rights activists and one of Canada’s first female doctors. She talks about the bias and discrimination against women in medicine

Medicine Under the Influence:

This controversial documentary raises the question of the benefits of biomedicine, which can sustain lives, but can’t always guarantee quality of life.