Chapter 12 Study Questions & Exercises


Study Questions

  1. Stephen Schecter argued that “education has never contributed as much to prosperity and social mobility as it has legitimized social inequality.” What does he mean?
  1. In contrast to students in high-track classes, why do students in low-track classes have different concepts of their schools and themselves? Examine false consciousness in this regard. Consider Jeannie Oakes’s (2005) research in your answer.
  1. How does the tracking system affect student performance?
  1. Compare and contrast the four types of elementary schools Jean Anyon (1980) identifies in her research in terms of the education they offer. Which class category did your elementary schoolwork fall under?
  1. What is the hidden curriculum? How has it shaped your educational experience?
  1. What are the three educational models adopted in Canada? Briefly discuss each model’s features, strengths, and weaknesses.
  1. What are the three premises of multicultural education? In which ways has the multicultural educational model failed to realize its promise?
  1. How has the increase in assigned homework impacted students and families? How does homework reproduce social class inequalities?
  1. Briefly outline the main issues regarding Indigenous education today. Make explicit reference to textbook representation and credentialism. Have you noticed any changes in the issues raised in the chapter?
  1. What are the main issues regarding adjunct faculty? How have these matters impacted your own education?
  1. How might online education create two-tier system of university graduates?
  1. Why has plagiarism increased in recent years?

Exploration and Discussion Exercises

  1. How have corporations infiltrated educational institutions? In what ways, if any, have you been affected by this association?
  1. How have changes in post-secondary education affected you? Discuss such issues as the use of more contract faculty, the move from in-class teaching to online instruction, and the increase of plagiarism.
  1. In 2018 Niagara College identified irregularities in the English evaluation test (IELTS) for international students. The matter came to light when most of these students failed the freshman communication course. It led to investigation and expulsion of some students. Can you find other examples of this type of education ‘fraud’ anywhere?