Chapter 11 Study Questions & Exercises


Study Questions

  1. What are the three central elements of all religions, according to Émile Durkheim? Briefly explain each of these elements.
  1. How did Max Weber explain the role of religion in the development of modern capitalism?
  1. Explain the role of religion as a form of social control as outlined by Karl Marx. Make reference to concepts such as hegemony and false consciousness in your discussion.
  1. How have androcentrism and sexism permeated religious practices and beliefs? Provide two specific examples. How could this be changed?
  1. How and why have women been denied full participation in many Christian churches?
  1. Why have certain religious groups such as Pagan, Muslim, “Christian, Sikh, and Hindu increased in population percentages while others such as Anglican and Presbyterian have gone down in numbers? Include the median age of each group in your discussion and explain how this may impact the statistics.
  1. How were residential schools used by religious institutions to sever Indigenous family ties and what have been the long-term effects of this?
  1. What was the impact of banning communal practices such as potlatch and the Sundance on the social fabric of the First Nations in Canada?
  1. Define neotraditionalism. In terms of Indigenous empowerment, does this concept work?